Terms of Service 

Our website provides information to visitors and users in simple terms. 

These "terms of service" take effect on November 6, 2023. We may modify it as and when we deem appropriate. 

Users and visitors who disagree with the terms of service can discontinue their use of our website.  Your continued use after changes in our terms constitutes an implied consent to the prevailing terms of service.  

"Site" refers to ContentGlen.com and all its domains and subdomains.

"Writers" and "Researchers" are members of the ContentGlen.com team who are hired to provide a service within the parameters of clients' orders.

"Users" or "Buyers" are persons who purchase our services.

"Intellectual Property Rights" are all the copyright rights, direct, and implied rights that pertain to the value generated by content we turn out.

"Project" refers to an assignment or activity you order from ContentGlen.com.

"Submission" refers to the point of delivery of an order you make from us.

"Deliverable" is an order that a client pays for, and covers different services - including projects and others.

Terms of Use

ContentGlen.com provides written works for individuals and entities who pay for our "submissions" which are in the form of "projects" and "deliverables". 

As a "User" you have to present all the details and instructions pertaining to your project.

Our "Writers" and "Researchers" are obliged to work within the instructions "Users" provide to complete your project according to their instructions.

The delivery time for a project is typically 7 days, which is the end of the day on which the order is confirmed. However, we could extend or reduce it on the basis of an expressly stated timeline. 

Our "Writers" and "Researchers" will work within reasonable parameters to attain the highest and best quality standards for a project you present to us. 

Intellectual Property of contents our client order are retained by them. We will preserve the duty to protect your content in our possession from third-parties. 

Payment is to be made digitally according to the links provided on our website. 

Work commences after payment is confirmed.

When funds do not get to us, we retain the rights to the submitted project and/or deliverable. 

Limitation of Liability: To the full extent of the applicable laws, we have no liability for the consequences of damages resulting from the use of content offered by our website, losses resulting from the use of our content, and other issues relating to your use of our submissions.

Disputes on submissions will be resolved internal, and where necessary be referred to an online arbitration portal within the jurisdiction the submission emanated from.